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Herzlich willkommen!
Hallo! Ich heiße Juliane und möchte euch dabei helfen,
Deutsch zu lernen oder euer Deutsch zu verbessern!

I have been teaching German since 2004 - private and group
tuition in various countries as well as on Skype. My lessons
are unique because I prepare my own material (pdf
and mp3) which I adapt to my students' wishes and needs.
Would you like me to help you unlock the mysteries
of the German language? Just send me a message!
You can also contact me for text corrections and translations from English, French and Portuguese into German!

What are you looking for?

One-to-one /
group tuition
in Berlin


via Skype


Proofreading /

(English, French, Portuguese > German)

What the students say:
"Juliane is all I could wish for in a language teacher and her lessons are something to always look forward to."
"Juliane has an amazing ability to make learning German both fun and effective."
"She tailors our regular classes to increase in difficulty at just the right pace to both keep me motivated and reward me with a sense of accomplishment."
"All my colleagues are really surprised by the progresses I have made with my German since I am taking lessons with her."
"During our classes I don’t   have a feeling that Juliane is my tutor, she is more of a friend who helps me in to learn the language."
"With her, learning German doesn't appear like a task but rather like a hobby. It has given me the desire to go further. German doesn't appear difficult to learn, as it used to be the case when I was at school. It's really a pleasure and I happily look forward to each lesson."
"Her lessons are challenging, engaging, fun, tailored to your level and interests, and above all, extremely useful."
"...great for boosting your confidence when speaking and listening in German."
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